Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Boy or a Girl????

As many of you know, Jeremy and I have been battling it out over whether or not we will find out the sex of the baby. He really wants to know and cannot even fathom the idea of not finding out as soon as possible. I am the one who wants to wait and see what pops out on delivery day. But, after dinner last night (at Mexican, my favorite!) we have decided to wait.
Now, we considered having only Jeremy find out, but I know how our family and friends are, and they would all pressure my husband to tell them what sex the baby is, and if EVERYONE knows but me, then I would be a little bit upset. So, he has agreed to wait. I'm not sure if he can hold out for 5 more months though....

But, in the spirit of things, I've taken a few of the online Boy or Girl Tests that base the sex of the baby mostly on old wives tales. And according to all of the quizzes, I am most likely having a girl. Most of this is based on the idea that I am carrying high and I had a lot of sickness in the pregnancy. So, we'll see!

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