Friday, January 29, 2010

Doctors Appointment- 19 weeks

On Tuesday, Jeremy and I went to the doctor for our second ultrasound visit. I was very excited for this visit because I hadn't seen the baby since 10 weeks (9 weeks ago!) and last time it looked a little bit like a blob.
As well, Jeremy and I decided against blood testing for Downs, Spina bifida, etc. so I knew that we would be checking all of the baby's development during this ultrasound. I know it sounds silly, but I worry about this thing all the time. I'm back to working out, and I know its good for the baby and me, but it makes me sore in places I didn't know I could be sore!, which worries me. And, trust me, I'm very glad to not be throwing up, but I knew if I was sick, that meant Baby Jenks was probably ok. I know, crazy.
Anywho, back to the appointment.
We had to wait for some time, they were so busy, but Jeremy and I have gotten very patient in our old age. When we got back there, I had to do all the normal stuff:
Pee in a cup ( I'm getting very good at this!)
Blood Pressure (109/69) woohoo!!
Weight (10 lbs. so far, doctor was happy)
Seeing the baby was so cool. I absolutely loved it! I could have stared all day. (In my next life, I want to be an ultrasound technician, really. )
We even got to see the bones like the spine and the skull and the femur, sooooo neat.
See below
This is the crazy alien eye. Baby Jenks did not want to turn to the camera at all, so all we got was one eye that looks a little creepy... and it only stayed like this for a second.
This is the best profile shot the doctor could get, and believe me, he tried. Baby Jenks is very, very shy. He/She must take after Aunt Julie and Aunt Lizzie, not his/her parents! But, I love this picture because you can see the spine of the baby and the heart area and the skull. Again, I was fascinated! I mean, this is all going on inside of me, so weird.
The doctor says that the baby is measuring exactly to date. The belly is a little bit bigger than the head, but still very, very normal. Doctor said that everything looked normal. Boring normal, which I love in this situation! No surprises.
Doctor also said that Baby Jenks still has a lot of room to move around in so that's why I haven't felt him/her yet. Again, a sigh of relief.
So that's the appointment.
My belly has grown quite a bit since the last picture. I've gotten a couple of comments about "really looking pregnant", but most people still can't tell. I think that this is because of my carrying so high. So, I'll work on getting a new picture of the belly.
Next doctor appointment= 6 weeks and I have to do the glucose/blood sugar test. I've heard this is not soo much fun....I'll let you know how it goes!

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