Monday, January 4, 2010

First Trimester- November and December

Ok, I'm done reminiscing and including pictures of people you may or may not know. On to topics that you probably are more interested in....

Tuesday November 10th - 8 weeks- I go to the doctor and my midwife tells me that I am pregnant and eight weeks along. No ultrasound today. (background info: I found a local doctor who has a midwife in his practice- they are both great!)

Nov. 12- 8 weeks- the last image of my kind of flat belly.

November 25th- 10 weeks. Jeremy
and I go to the doctor and meet Dr. Dorn for the first time. He is great, but this pic is not. The arrow is pointing at nothing and the baby looks like a blob. I swear, when he first put the wand on my belly, you could totally see the utline of a baby, but then everything moved. Jeremy and I didn't get emotional- we've been very practical this whole time.
Jer did ask the doctor if "he was pushing to hard (on my belly) because the baby kept moving and maybe he was pushing the baby". I laughed.
These last two pics are of 15.5 weeks. There's definitely a bump, but it isn't noticable all the time

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