Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Baby Jenks Nursery Phase 1

 I went to a fabric showroom where a friend of mine, Lindsay works, and she had all of this wonderful fabric for me to look at. Looking at the swatches, I am obviously going for a green color in the nursery- nice and gender neutral. Plus, if you've ever seen my house, you know that I LOVE green!
It was very difficult to decide, and obviously, I haven't, but Jeremy and I are leaning towards one specific pattern (can you guess??). I'm waiting until we pick out the crib to fully decide, but no matter what, I think it will look great! Comments are welcome. (all of the pics seem to have a yellow effect to them, everything is a nice green and cream in person).

On a side note, since the baby will be taking one of the guest rooms, we are converting the room over the garage into a bedroom to accommodate all of Baby Jenks' visitors. I'm doing my best to make sure that this room is warm and inviting for all guests who wish to stay up there. So I picked out fabric for the walls to try and help with the echoing up there, and I might try and get some pillows made too. Jeremy specifically asked for "manly fabric" since this space will also be used for his office. I thought that this was beautiful and "manly" enough for him, I mean, it is blue.
A quick shout out to my wonderful husband- he laid the hardwood floors, drywalled the whole room, and put molding and trim up last summer! Quite impressive.

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