Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Baby Jenks Nursery- Phase 2

After many, many swatches on the wall (we were up to 5), Jeremy and I finally picked a color. We both really, really like it and I think it will work with the fabric we picked out. So, while I was out of town this past weekend for Katie and Stephanie's Bachelorette Party in St. Simmons Island, GA Jeremy was a wonderful husband and father-to-be and worked all weekend taking furniture out of the room, painting the nursery and putting together our beautiful crib!
A special shout-out to Pat, Lindsay's husband who helped move the futon out of the room and into the garage.

The room before (notice all the swatches!)

It's a little bare now, but we'll fill it up soon enough!

Our beautiful Crib!! Jeremy put it together all by himself!
We got our fabric from Lindsay (thanks so much!!!) and Ms. Linda (my assistant from last year who is an amazing seamstress) is in the process of making the bed skirt and a pillow. I've decided against doing a crib bumper because everytime I look into a reason to have one, I get 3x the info on why not to have one! It is mostly a concern for SIDS. So, I've given up.
But, in terms of the room, I am soooooo excited! Right now, I love going into the nursery every morning and thinking about what it will look like. Silly, I know. I'm afraid I'm more excited about decorating the room than putting the baby in there! I mean, I am excited about the baby, but I love decorating! I just haven't combined the realization of the two together yet. Maybe that will come....

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  1. I can't wait to see the nursery, and yes I think you will be excited to see the baby in the room. Loved the bassent and especially Beaugard posing for the pics. Miss you two, take care


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