Sunday, April 25, 2010

Baby Jenks Nursery Phase 3

So, not too much has been done, (I know, I said finished by May, but it might be more like the beginning of June...) I still need to get a rocker and a dresser. But, becuase I want to get old/antique/reused items (the ultimate in eco design!) it's taken some time to hunt down these items. Any suggestions on a good place to find these things are welcome!
So, we've put up curtains and some decorations.
The two letters are the middle and last name of baby Jenks (we atleast know those either way). The first initial will have to wait! Are you guessing yet???
Here are baby Jenks' art work that I picked up at They are inspired by my super cute shower invitations that Tanya got. I hate to say anything about a "theme", but I love these little birds!

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