Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Baby Jenks Week 31

Wow! We're already in the home stretch. I really can't believe how quickly the time has flown by. We officially survived the 3 week wedding/traveling gauntlet and are now spending more time at home to prepare for the Baby.

Here's some updates:

Bradley Class- Jeremy and I are attending every Thursday night. They haven't gotten into the nitty gritty of labor and delivery yet, but I think that's coming up. Right now we've really been focusing on nutrition and the role of the birthing coach. P.S. Jeremy is late every time!! (But at least he makes it)

Movements- Baby Jenks is very active and seems to be running on a different schedule than in the past, much more movements, Less kicks and more like pushing on the sides of my belly, which is said to be normal as there is less room in there for big movements. I did feel baby Jenks do a backflip while sitting in church 2 weeks ago. I thought I was going to throw up!
I've also felt baby Jenks more in the lower part of my abdomen. The baby is now big enough that I can rub my belly and feel where he/she is sitting. It's kind of cool, and some people have even commented on being able to see it themselves (one side of my belly sticks out). But, I don't think that baby Jenks is in the birth canal yet, just getting more comfortable hanging out down there. We'll see. I told him/her to stay put!!

Prenatal Yoga- I went to my first Prenatal Yoga class last night, and while it was relaxing and enjoyable to be in the company of other pregnant women, it was also kindof ....easy. I guess after taking a "Max Muscle" class on Monday, modified stretching was a little boring. But, I know it is good for me and the baby to slow down and relax, so I'm going back again next week. I was hoping for some good "labor" stretches. Maybe that will come.

The Belly- I've got to take a new picture of my belly because it has really grown. I get comments all the time now from coworkers, family and even perfect strangers! But, most are still very positive and sweet. I'm not a sensitive or shy pregnant lady. I don't mind people touching my belly (which most of my coworkers and friends do), and I am yet to have a stranger touch it. A lot of people are now guessing that Baby Jenks is a boy because of how I'm carrying. (everyone said a girl in the beginning, except for Allison Irvin!). The belly really sticks out and is less "all around" my abdomen- definitely like a basketball!

Pediatrician- I met with a recommended pediatrician in High Point at HP Pediatrics which is connected with the hospital and right down the street. Very nice office and staff. And the Dr. was open to my requests such as delayed vaccinations, homeopathic approaches, etc. I will have to sign something for legal purposes that states I'm aware of the risks of not receiving the vaccs as scheduled, but I am ultimately the decision maker, and the doctor supports that, which is all I want.

Ok, so I think that is everything. This has turned out to be a rather long post, but I wanted to keep everyone updated! Plus, I've realized that this is really chronicling our life during this exciting and busy time, which I really think will be fun to look back on.

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