Friday, April 9, 2010

Bradley Class

Jeremy and I started our childbirth class last night. I decided to go to the Bradley classes at High Point Regional Hospital because a) it is convenient b) it is cost effective and c) it comes recommended by our Expectant Parenting class teacher.
So, with my two pillows in tow, plus a grilled cheese sandwich to feed my husband, I headed to the Women's Health center at the hospital. There were only 5 other couples in the class and we sat on the floor the whole time. I guess this is for practicing relaxation techniques.
Right now the class is focused on education about exercise and nutrition. Dr. Bradley (the founder of the method) is a true believer that any pregnancy ailment (preeclampsia, hypertension, gestational diabetes, pica) can be solved by an efficient diet. He really stresses the intake of protein in the diet (striving for 80-100 grams a day) especially during the 3rd trimester when the brain grows the most.
In the class, we watched this video with Dr. Bradley talking about the pregnancy diet, and we did a relaxation exercise.
So, even though Jeremy and I eat pretty healthy, I will say that my diet hasn't been as prefect as it was before the baby. Ooops! So now, I'm back on track. Jer is going to make me eggs in the morning for the protein. And I'm going to keep hard boiled eggs in the fridge (2 a day!) and I'm going to try and focus on eating more fruits and veggies as snacks instead of granola bars. Hopefully all of this will be really beneficial to the baby. We want baby Jenks to be really smart!!

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