Sunday, May 2, 2010

Daddy and Baby

So as many of ya'll may know, Jeremy absolutely loves the belly. He thinks it is the most fascinating thing in the world. It's a little weird, but also appreciated as I am having a hard time dealing with my expanding body. He likes to refer to it as the "Freddy's House".
(Side note: for those who do not know, Jeremy and I refer to the baby as "Freddy". This started at week 6 because we weren't sharing the news yet, and I was out of town all the time at this point. So, Jeremy couldn't ask, "how's the baby doing?", so he'd just say, "how's Freddy?" This term comes from the often used comment, "ready Freddy" in our house. It's very random, I know, but that's just what we started call the little thing, and it's stuck.
Anywho, this morning, Jeremy and I were sitting on the couch actually enjoying some down time and he decided that he wanted to feel the baby Kick. Now, the baby was asleep at this point, so Jeremy decided to jostle my belly, kind of shaking it on the left side as this is where a lot of the action has been lately. I did not think that this would work as Baby J typically moves away when anyone touches the belly (he/she is shy, remember), but this morning, all of the jostling really did wake up the belly and baby started to move. So then Jeremy started talking to the baby in his muffled voice saying, "wake up Freddy, daddy wants to play with you." This elicited some more movement. Then Jeremy rested his chin on my belly and POP! he got socked in the chin! It was absolutely hilarious and we both couldn't help but laugh. This is the first time Baby Jenks has really "engaged" with us from inside the tummy. Jeremy was so proud.
We can't wait to meet this little thing!!

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