Friday, May 7, 2010

Dr. Appt. Week 33.3

Yesterday I had my first 8 month Dr.s Appt. Very routine, again. Checked my weight- up again! oops! We're now at 20 lbs. which Doctor says is good and what he wants. He still wants me to eat a lot of protein and I told him that I try and have 2 eggs every morning. He is happy with my weight gain, so I'm fine with it too....I guess.
Blood pressure was very normal 111/59, and my pulse was back down in the 60's, so that's good too. See, I knew last time was a fluke!
He listened to the baby's heartbeat, which he said was right around 120-130 and sounded good. Then he manually felt the baby and said that the baby has turned. Head is down and feet are in my ribs, back is on the right side of my body. So, that was cool to hear. He did say that Baby J feels a little small. Not bad small, just small. Which totally surprised me considering I was almost 9 lbs when born, and have you met my husband??? But, Lizzie was a little baby, so maybe Baby J will be too. Trust me, I am very okay with a little baby, as long as it is healthy. now that I think of it, I've gained 20 lbs, and Baby J is essentially, all this weight is just stuck on me. great. Dr. estimates Baby Jenks to weigh 4 lbs.
We talked a little about delivery day and what to expect. He said if delivery is as low key as my pregnancy he is very fine with not getting involved and letting this thing happen as naturally as possible. As I've said before, Dr. Dorn is VERY laid back and low key, so that's his approach to getting Baby J out. Sounds good to me.
My next appt. is in 2 weeks. He said 35 weeks, then 37 weeks is a good time frame. I'm sure towards then we'll be checking my cervix and whatnot, but who knows!
I'm not having another ultrasound done unless something comes up that warrants a check on the baby. This, I am actually pretty okay with considering this article I just read:
I know, its scary and y'all think I'm crazy, but better to be safe I say. So, ya'll will just have to predict baby Jenks gender based on the 3 ultrasounds I've given you.
I'll try and take some new picks. The belly is getting a little out of control....

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