Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dr. Appt. week 35.5

We're in the home stretch and I had my last 8 month appt. on Friday. Blood Pressure 121/71 Pulse 71. Not bad. We did the test for Strep B at this appt. Weight is up again- 3lbs. Agh! I cannot believe that I am still gaining weight when I can hardly eat anything because my belly feels so full all the time! Oh well, I know it will move quickly after delivery (it better).
Dr. Dorn listened to the baby's heart beat and did a manual check of the baby- still upside down and 1 foot is in my ribs kicking me daily. I think I'm bruised internally.
Dr. Dorn told me he had actually just had to manually flip a breeched baby for one of his patients. He was successful (I'm impressed he attempted it!) but I'm really glad that Baby J flipped on his/her own. What a relief!
We talked a little bit about d day- still low key as ever- calling the office if something comes up, but just head to the hospital if contraction are 3-4 min apart and hospital will call him. Sounds good to me!

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