Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Mom Necessities

It's only been 13 days, but there are a few items we can't live without already....If you have a baby and don't have a boppy, please, do yourself a favor and run to the store to get one. They are ah-mazing, I promise.

as much of an environmentalist that I am, it kills me to say this, but we couldn't live without these DISPOSABLE pads. We cut them in half to try be frugal/somewhat eco concious and keep some in the crash basket and the crash kart (aka the diaper basket and bassinet). They have saved me from multiple pee accidents and have saved our sheets from bright yellow poo explosion diaper changes in the middle of the night. Eventually, when Isla June is sleeping in her own bed, we probably will use these less, but right now, they are a life (and clothes, and furniture) saver.

This was a gift from my best friend, Jen Tylman, and when she sent it, she probably had absolutely no idea how useful it would be! We began using it before baby Jenks was even in the world- it was our life-saver when I was having contractions. And now, we use it to track how long it has been between feedings, how long she feeds for, how long baby J has been asleep and how long she has been awake. I guess you could do all of this with a clock, but for Jer and me, this is so much more practical and user friendly. Thanks Jen!

Aunt Paula and Uncle Carl (Papa Kenny's sister and brother-in-law) sent this to us just this week, and I have to say, it is a life saver. We aren't using it that much as Baby Jenks is sleeping in our room right now, but I am attempting to have Isla June sleep in her crib for her day naps, and this little device has a monitor upstairs and downstairs so I can hear her throughout the house. Plus, as a first time/new mother, it alleviates some worry as it keeps track of baby's movements. If the device doesn't feel a movement for 20 sec. an alarm will sound. This is for SIDS concerns. Some might think it's a little much, but trust me, it makes you feel sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better, I promise. This will definitely help with the transition to the crib- we might even do it earlier than I had planned- what a relief! Thanks Aunt Paula and Uncle Carl- we can't wait to see you this weekend!

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  1. I have seen that monitor thing and I wondered if it would be helpful! I will file this info away for the day (long in the future) when i need it! : ) I need more Isla pics. I am smitten with her! - Elizabeath


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