Monday, July 12, 2010

First Bottle

Given by Mimi as Jeremy was busy working 40 hours over a 3 day period (but, he's sold lots of houses, so it's paying off!) We had talked about giving her a bottle at some point because she is now three weeks old, and the lactation specialists advised this time frame as the best to give her a bottle (breast feeding is established, but she is willing to try new things). So I pumped while we were at mimi's and wouldn't you know, she was hungry 5 minutes later. So, becuase of her insatiable appetite, we were forced to give her a bottle and hope that it worked. She did great! Once she realized that it was the same stuff that she had been drinking, she loved it. I was so proud of her.

But, because she liked it so much, it caused some hiccups, then spit up. Which forced bath number 2. No tub was available at Mimi's, so I had to jump in there with her to keep her afloat. We did practice kicking.
And while I was still in the tub, she got hungry again (she really is daddy's little girl) so here is bottle number 2 given by Papa Kenny.

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