Sunday, July 11, 2010

Going to the Chiropractor

ok, so don't freak out, but I took Isla June to the Chiropractor last week (July 8th). Dr. Mindy Bradshaw is the chiropractor that Mom, Kenny and I see in Chapel Hill. She has performed chiropractic work on her own daughter as well as other children. So, she took a look at how Miss Isla is growing and how her bones have formed. She did find one rib out of place that affects digestion (maybe causing the spit-ups) and a bone in her neck was out of place too. She said that this was probably due to the turn that the doctor did as Isla was coming out, it's actually very common. But, this could be the reason why she breast feeds better on the left side than the right side. So, Dr. B took a small tool and while I held baby J, she put these two areas "back together". The little Junebug slept through the whole thing. I hope she feels better (I know I did after my adjustment!) Now, Isla can go with me throughout the first year of her life and get an adjustment every time I do!
For those of you who are worried, I promise, it's ok.

On a side note, we've started Isla June on some probiotics to help her with her digestion. She had been spitting up and getting really bad gas that made her so uncomfortable. And after doing some research and talking with the Smart Start nurse, the Pediatrician and our holistic doctor, we've begun giving her a Probiotic 2x a day to help with digestion and gas. Plus, she is getting a small dose of Chamomile to settle her tummy at night and help calm her down for bed. We also discovered Gripe Water that helps with hiccups and is all natural (just fennel and ginger). It all seems to be helping as she is not as gassy and seems much more comfortable at night.

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