Thursday, July 29, 2010

What's in a name??

So, a lot of people have asked me about Isla June's name, and there has been a lot of confusion about the pronunciation, so here are the answers to your questions:

How do you pronounce her name?
Isla (Eye-Lah) June (just like the month)

Where did you come up with her name?
WE struggled a lot with a girl's name- I like Lyla, Jeremy didn't, He liked Lily, I didn't, so ultimately, I started just spouting off names, and when I said Isla, he agreed to it. It was pretty much his decision. Then came the battle with the spelling....
Isla June's middle name is from my grandfather on my mother's side, Paul A. Young Jr. Growing up, he was called June as he was the Junior Paul in his household. So her middle name is homage to him.
Also, her name is Isla June, not Isla, but Isla June. She is named after such an important man, I don't want to leave that part of her name out, plus, she's a southern belle, and a true southern belle always has 2 names.

How do you spell that?
ISLA- it's the traditional Scottish spelling (yes, I am 1/28th Scottish, ha!). The teacher in me wanted to spell it Iyla, but Jeremy refused- he is a very opinionated man (go figure)

So, that's that. We wanted something original and meaningful, and I think we found it.

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  1. Anyone who knows Meagan will find it hilarious that she suggests I PICKED OUT THE NAME. As we all know in a good marriage, at best, the husbands suggestions "are taken into consideration". - Jeremy


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