Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jer's Surprise Party!

So, like I said in the last post, I was working on a little surprise event, and it just so happened to be Jeremy's 30th birthday party. He absolutely hates surprises and hates to be embarrassed, so I knew I might be in for it. We were fussing with each other all week (about silly things like which freezer the ice cream sandwiches should live in...) becuase I was so on edge and nervous about the party! But, I knew if it wasn't a surprise, then he wouldn't let me throw him a party at all. It was tons of fun, and we really got him, he had NO idea!! I never would have thought I could pull the wool over his eyes, but I did. Thanks to everyone who made it out. We had a great time!
Jeremy's dad, Jeff and the birthday boy himself.  These two are definitely related

Gramma Lee didn't want to let this little one out of her hands

Keith, Jer and Jon (college buddies) and Robbie

He may have been a liiiiiiitttle upset with me about the big surprise.  I still say best.wife.ever.

see?  Can't take that baby from her!

a little cake for the birthday boy

lots of friends came to celebrate.   thank you!

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