Monday, August 9, 2010

Visit with (Great!) Grandparents

4 Generations

Great smiles for grandma

With her namesake Grampa June

Isla June being sung an Indian Lullaby by great aunt Peg and cousin Vicki

Mom and I traveled up to York, PA with a stop in Annandale, VA to visit family and show off the baby. It was quite a trip, but well worth it. Isla June does not like being stuck in her car seat for the long a time (7 hours! ugh!), which I totally understand. Everyone would say, "Is she such a good traveler? Babies love to ride in the car!", and my response is, "we didn't get that model."
 Isla June does not like to be confined, and she is an active sleeper, so when she tries to move in her sleep, she realizes that she is tied down/buckled in and starts to scream. Not fun calming a baby down every 45 min. Plus, she insisted that I sit in the backseat with her (she gets lonely). But, I have to say, she was amazing and handled the whole thing with grace. She was a perfect southern lady when meeting strangers and tolerated being passed around like a sack of potatoes.
 I really think my grandparents loved meeting her. So, it was a good time and worth the effort. Plus, Isla June started sleeping 6-7 hours at night during this trip! It was great. Even though we were totally off of our schedule, she did great at bedtime and slept. She must have liked sleeping in bed with me (she doesn't really like sleeping in the pack and play.) A memorable trip with great pictures to share.

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