Friday, September 3, 2010

We be Cryin'

So, we did it. Isla June"cried it out" last night. I have to admit we tried it a couple of nights ago and it didn't quite go as planned (I'll explain that later). And as I always like to do for you readers (are you out there? I'm not sure...), is provide details and information about the subject.
Crying it out is another very controversial topic. Some experts attest to it's advantages in teaching babies to self soothe, others say it could cause long term harm to your infants. Healthy Sleep Habits is a proponent of it. He says that even though you don't want to hear your child cry, you must remind yourself that you are teaching your child and invaluable lesson-self-soothing techniques. And sleep is so important for growth, that this is a vital skill to learn. He goes on to say that teenagers and college student who have a hard time sleeping, also had a hard time sleeping as infants. Also, he doesn't give a set time frame in his revised edition, just a 5-20 min. rule, whatever you can handle. He's a big fan of the extinction technique to- don't go back in to the room once they start crying.
Again, do what feels right for you as a mother. If you aren't comfortable letting baby cry, then don't. Do your own research and see what works best for you and your family. Also, I wouldn't start this until baby is 3-4 months old, unless you have an advanced little tyke like us who is already way to aware of the world. You know your baby best.
Our First Experience
So, 2 nights ago, Isla June was put down for bed around 7:15 p.m. She was exhausted and overtired because she refused to take a late afternoon nap. She fell asleep while nursing (always a bad sign), and woke back up after 30 min of being in her crib. Jer put her back down (we walk the halls to get her to sleep), and this happened 2 other times. On the 4th time of awakening, we sat in the living room and listened to her fuss for about 1 min. (sometimes she'll put herself back down).
She didn't, but her cries weren't hysterical, they were more fussy (kind of like pic to the left). So I knew that she wasn't in pain, hungry or had a wet diaper. So Jer and I talked and we agreed to let her cry for 15 min as the maximum, or if things got hysterical (see pic to the right). After 15 min. EXACTLY- she stopped crying, almost like we flipped a switch. We couldn't believe it! She was so quiet. I thanked God for our sweet, easy going baby and said a prayer that she would be watched over and sleep peacefully and was thankful that she learned this important skill of sleep. About 45 minutes later, after finishing our movie, Jeremy headed upstairs while I went in the kitchen to pump. He walked in to check on the sweet angel and when he opened the door, Isla June, looked at him wide-eyed with a HUGE smile on her face, as if to say "Hey dad, thanks for coming to see me!". I think he teared up. So, that didn't quite go as planned....
Our Second Experience
We tried again last night. Same thing as the other night. We attempted to put her down 4 times. Each time after 10-35 min, she woke up fussing (again, see pic on the left). So we knew she was fine, just fighting sleep (it's almost like she knows were downstairs without her and she can't stand it). So, we attempted it one more time, set our time limit to 15 min. This time, she stopped after 10 min. Again, totally silent, but we weren't sure.....I gave her another 20 min, then went upstairs to check on her, and this time, She WAS ASLEEP! I reswaddled her, gave her a kiss and walked out. Then she slept until....5:45! That's 10 hours straight (from the first time we put her down), and we had to wake her, so who knows how long she would have gone. After eating, she went back to sleep until 7:45, and woke up smiling and talking (no fussing at all!). So, I won't say we've cured any sleep issues, but we're on the way.
I still can't do the cry it out at nap time, Jer's not here and I can't handle it so much on my own. Plus, naptime cries are more like pic on the right. Not fun.
So, tell me what you think. Anyone else have experience with "cryin it out".


  1. I'm out here reading. You are not alone!!

  2. We are proud of you all. This is a hard thing to do for both the parents and the child.

  3. Worked for us! It is hard - I had to go outside or get in the shower not to hear her - but we both needed sleep sooooo badly. You are doing wonderful, mommy!


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