Monday, October 25, 2010

A not-so-everyday Outing

On Saturday, JeJe announced that she wanted to "go out for the day", so I decided to get out of my PJ's and take the family to the Lexington Bar-B-Que festival. Me and Bar-B-Q you say? Yes, I just didn't indulge(yuck!). So we loaded up baby, picked Jer up from work and headed to the festival. We decided to keep baby in her stroller since it was about time for her to nap, but, when we walked up the street I immediately wanted to turn back around! I was sooooooo crowded. And my fear of large crowds started to creep up (yucky people who might touch me, Yucky stuff I might step on, I might get lost, etc.). But, I'm determined to get outside my comfort zone and experience new things here (it's along story-essentially we are stuck in this area for a while so I've decided I need to start making a concerted effort to build a life here.) The smell of bar-b-q was intense and the noises of people and music was a little overwhelming. I was worried about the little baby, but she did great. We put her "shield" over her and she promptly fell asleep for the next 35 minutes (have I mentioned that she's Ahmazing??). Aunt Jeje and I were attempting to look at the booths of exhibitors. Now, most of this was crafts and what not- like funny what would I do with that crafts. But, that's me, I'm not someone who loves "kitchy" stuff or "sit around" that I have to dust. But, it's always fun to look and maybe even laugh....

I have to say though, Jeremy being Jeremy, wasn't on the same page as the ladies. He was in charge of the baby and it seemed that his only mission at the festival was to push the stroller through the massive crowd. I guess it has to do with men and their one track mind -"must push stroller, must push stroller". I mean, it's not like he had anywhere to go, we were just walking's how we differ though, makes me laugh.
But, Jeremy got a call from a customer so he raced off back to the office. Jeje and I decided to head back to the festival and this time, we strapped the baby to me (a lah the Bjorn) and head out. We had so much fun looking through the booths. Aunt JeJe donated to every animal rescue, service dog group that she could find, and we even picked up a little something for Isla June. I think they should hire her to be the baby model.....

All in all a great day with family doing something DIFFERENT!
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