Friday, October 8, 2010

A Weekend out

A couple of weeks ago, Jeremy and I ventured out sans baby for the first time. Some friends were getting married in Flat Rock, NC and we decided to make a weekend of it.
Austin and April- 2 of our favorite people!

The Bride-to-be extended an invite to Miss Isla June as well, but we decided to make it a parents only weekend. It was a pretty easy decision considering that Jeremy wanted to take the Harley, and since I wasn't able to ride it for 10 months, I agreed. So, Mimi (my mom) and JeJe (Aunt Jeanne) were in charge of baby for the weekend. I got a little choked up as we left that morning, but I handled it much better than I expected! I really had missed riding around on the bike and having just me and Jer time. Plus, Isla June was in the best hands possible. I don't think that there are two people in the world (besides me and Jer) who love that baby more than Mimi and JeJe.

Jer and his Harley...

It was an absolutely beautiful ride. We went up into the Blue Ridge Parkway and had lunch at the top of Mount___-something (don't really remember), but it was lovely. Unfortunately, as a breast-feeding mother, I had to strap the pump to the back of the Harley and pump in a bathroom stall at the restaurant (I do not recommend, but alas, I am a real trooper. My father-in-law would be proud.) We had an amazing ride. And a wonderful weekend with friends.Carson, Natalie, Jer and Me (with baby Hayden pre-birthday!)
But, on our way home we had a liiiiiiiiittle accident. So, maybe the back tire blew out. Jer was amazing and I didn't even know that something was wrong until we were on the side of the road (I totally had a plan for how to jump off the bike and avoid the gaurdrail). I seem to handle crisis situations well though. I immediately hopped off the bike and annouonced that I had my triple A card handy, then proceeded to get someone on the phone to come and get us. Unfortunately, triple A does not cover motorcycles (crazy, right?). So, this was my first experience with sitting on the side of the road and waiting for a tow truck. Here's a little word of advice- always use the restroom when you stop! You never know what will happen.... But, it all turned out ok. The tow truck driver was nice. The Harley dealership owner was nice. But, we will never, ever go back to the Harley Dealership in High Point/Greensboro. Ever. So, pass that info along. Everyone was happy that we were safe and sound at home and gave us extra squeezes after such an exciting-almost-traumatic experience. It's funny becuase Jer and I were just talking about our will and wishes if something was to happen to us....but that's for another blogging day. Gettin' Towed
Completely blew. Crazy, right?
But now I know why I trust my husband with my life. I will never fear getting on the back of the bike again. He's in total control. I know I scared my Grandfather, but I promise, everything is ok.

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