Monday, November 8, 2010

Hello Solid Food??

Well, I'm just not ready yet. I know that everyone gives their baby rice cereal when they are 4 months old. And most moms are so excited about this. I, on the other hand, am not. This means change, and I don't like change. I like the bottles and the breastfeeding. I mean, we're good at it. Plus, I'm not ready to start making baby food, just not yet anyways. And right now Isla June is not asking for more food. She still only manages 4-5 ounces in a sitting, and she's still growing like a weed, so I don't feel like solids are a necessity right now. Me, personally- I feel like her little digestive system is not ready for it. I really would like to wait until she is 6 months. And because she is satisfied, I don't want to force it on her. I don't think that this counts.... I've read up a little bit, and I'm not sure if rice cereal is the way we are going to go. Since breastfed babies don't typically need iron fortified foods because they process iron from the milk better than formula fed babies, maybe we'll try bananas or pears...?? Need to do more research for sure. Maybe that's why I'm hesitating as well. I need more information to make an informed decision.
Maybe we'll attempt something over the Thanksgiving holidays when all the aunts are around to help. We'll see.

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