Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Whoooooo's Hungry?!

Ok, so I've got a confession to make. I have a whole bunch of frozen breast milk in my freezer. Like and un-godly amount. And it's become a problem. Thankfully, we have a second refrigerator in the basement or this could have really been a problem. I've been pumping since Isla June was 2 months old and started sleeping through the night because my supply went way down with this milestone. So, I've had 2 1/2 months of breast milk to store. And right now, I'm pumping more than I can or need to unthaw for her. Instead of giving her just fresh milk, I unthaw some cubes from a couple of months ago and mix in some fresh stuff for good measure, just so I can try and use this stuff up!
There are so many ways to store breast milk- bottles (all sizes), bags (different kinds). I chose to freeze the breast milk in BPA Free Freezer trays and then store them in Ziploc Freezer bags. I started out putting them in Pyrex, but this method got expensive, fast. I chose not to store the breast milk in the bags or the bottles because I didn't want to have to heat up any plastic. I'm just not sure how I feel yet about the whole heating plastic controversy and I didn't want to look back and regret my decision. I know that I am freezing the milk in plastic, but from what I've read, plastic doesn't break down when it is frozen like it does when it is heated. Also, the warnings about freezing breast milk in plastic bags is when you freeze liquid breast milk in them. I've made them into nice little cubes, so there's not unthawing in the ziploc at all. I make sure to date the bags (another convenience of the ziploc), and try to cycle through them in this fashion.
Every night, I take 5-6 "booby cubes" and put them into BornFree glass bottles for the next day (I've since found out that this is the only bottle Isla June will drink out of). By the way, I love these bottles and they have great reviews (they are pretty much the most expensive bottle out there, she's definitely her mothers daughter, but Babies R' us has them on sale right now FYI!). And then I add some freshly pumped milk to the bottles.
All told, I probably spend 30 min pumping everyday, 15 minutes washing pump parts/freezer trays/bottles, 10 min making bottles, and 10 min dealing with freezing breast milk. This amounts to over an hour I deal with Milk or Boobs or Contraptions that have to do with Boobs. But, in the long run it's saving us a ton of money and it's the best thing for Isla June and me.

So, back to my freezer full of breast milk. I'm thinking about donating....

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