Tuesday, December 28, 2010

6 month check-up

Weight- 16 lbs.
Height - 25 inches
Head Circum.- 17 inches
All in the 50th percentile. "She's perfect" -Dr. Jedlica

Great appt. We had a long talk about vaccines, Isla June's new tooth, development and eating solid foods.
Vaccines- I've struggled with this, as some of you know. I see the point of vaccines, but I also know some of the research behind them and I am scared of the huge rise in amount of vaccines and the increase in developmental issues in our children, and the rise of health concerns in our children. I know families who are following the recommended schedule, following Dr. Sears delayed schedule, and refusing vaccines out right. Well, none of these options left me feeling settled as a mommy. And after a lot of reading (Dr. Sear's book in particular), I decided to follow our own vaccine schedule. Now this doesn't mean no vaccines, and it doesn't mean all vaccines. It means, what I feel is best for my little one. She's a healthy little nugget, and I want to help her continue that trend. I did have to sign something kind of like an AMA stating that I am aware of the risks of not following the recommended schedule. But, this is what I have to do to feel peace as Isla June's mommy- knowing that I am doing my absolute best to advocate for her. If you really want me to spout about all of the research and give you my opinion in utter detail of what we are choosing to do for her, let me know, we can talk. But, do what is right for you and your family. You have to feel at peace with your decisions.
New tooth!- Dr. wasn't as excited as I was about this. She said that there was some fluid (a small amount) behind her right ear that is probably due to the teething. So, we've increased the saline washes of her nose to help flush the fluid out.
Solid Food- Dr. talked about implementing some type of rice cereal for iron benfits, which I am going to look into. I know that Brest-fed babies process iron better than formula fed ones, but I have a tendency to run low on iron, and I don't want that to happen to Isla June. We're gonna try some spinach and broccoli too!
Develpment- we, of course, disscussed the fact that Isla June has absolutely no interest in rolling over from her back too her tummy. "Well, of course not." said the good Dr., " she just wants to sit up. She's more interested in getting up than rollong around on the floor". So, that's that. And I'm done worrying. Promise.
Great Check-up. Next one @ 9 months.

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  1. Meagan, I would love to here more about to vaccine schedule that you are you used for Isla June. Let me know the easiest way to communicate on this.


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