Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Blessed Child

Today, on one of the most special days, Isla June was baptized. It was a bit of a scramble (and short notice) considering we had to make sure a few important people would be in town, and then make sure a few more important people could get here. And then God sent us this.
So, after speaking with the minister at 8:30 pm on Christmas night, we decided that if we could get to the church, and he could get to the church, then by golly, we would have a baptism. And let me tell you, that was all part of God's plan as well. We, along with about 35 other people witnessed the most beautiful scene of Isla June's baptism. She was exquisite and the service was magical. I was so happy that everything turned out differently, but perfectly. We are so blessed.
Afterwards, we had a small brunch at the house for family and friends.

Isla June's Godparents
Aunt Lizzie- My sister and Carson Norcross- Jer's best friend

All of you who have been baptised into Christ have taken Christ as your own. There is no longer any difference between a Jew and one who is not a Jew; between a slave and a free man; between a man and a woman. When you are in the body of Christ Jesus, you are all alike. If you belong to Christ, you are Abraham's children. And if you are Abraham's children, you will receive the blessing that God has promised. Galatians 3:27-29

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