Friday, January 28, 2011

Bye, Bye Boob

Well, the time has officially come where Isla June no longer wants to nurse. I've heard that this can happen, and some people recommend a kind of stand off with baby about it, but I'm letting it go pretty easily. I mean, she takes a bottle all day long while I am at work, so I kind of thought that this would happen. It's not really something that I can help- being a working mom and all. She does still nurse at least one time a day- around 5- 6 am everyday.
I was still attempting to nurse at night, before her bedtime, and on the weekends. This time kind of became....get the flow going, let go, and drench mommy in milk. Not fun. So, I just figured that it was time to move on. She is just so easily distracted. It's hard enough trying to get her to slow down enough to take her whole bottle! She pretty much just drinks it while she is in her exersaucer jumping up and down.
Now, at night we rock in the rocker together while she eats. So sweet.
But, that does mean more pumping. Well, maybe not more. I'm only pumping 3 times a day now. 2 times at work and right before bed (around every 6 hours). It's not that often, but boy, am I ready to be done with that pump!
Best thing for baby, best thing for thing for baby, best thing for me...

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