Monday, January 24, 2011

Isla June 7 months

I almost boycotted the 7 month photo shoot out of shere denial. But, I realized that would have been pointless as she is just going to keep growing and growing, and the best I can do is to document her as much as possible. So, here she is....
Scooting away
Showing off her 2 pearly whites
We attempted some props to help keep her interested....
They just seemed to get in the way.I kind of think she looks like a footballer in this one.

Isla June can sit up for extended periods of time and get into a crawling position unassisted. She has really started to get her body moving as she loves to roll all over her crib during nap and bedtime. It's so funny because she just rolls and rolls around. She starting to understand cause and effect with her toys and loves her babydoll and lovie. They both live in her crib.

She also understands object permanence and we are dealing with being upset when mommy or daddy leave. This new found talent began when she discovered she had the ability of throwing toys off of her exersaucer and looking over the edge at them.

She loves to talk and talk and talk. Making L and B sounds. Occasionally something escapes her lips that sounds like dada or mama. She still says a lot of Iyi-ya sounds.

She has started to notice the dogs and just loves to pet Beaugart. She is fascinated by him. Well, and Jeremy. She loves to stare at both of them.

She still takes between 5-7 ounces in a feeding and is still in a size 2 diaper. She wears a size 6-9 months. She finally has enough hair to wear a bow. She is starting to really get into solid foods now that she has control over it (more info to come).

She loves to jump in her Johnny Jump up. But, more than anything, she loves to have the freedom to explore. Her hand-eye coordination is still phenomenal. It makes it so we have to keep everything we don't want her to have out of her reach.

She reaches out to be picked up, but only sometimes as she really loves her independence.

She is an amazing little lady and growing and developing at her own pace. We just watch in awe.

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