Thursday, January 27, 2011

Some things I love

and don't want to ever forget
  • When Isla June nurses she rubs her sweet little hand across my chest and tummy over and over again.
  • Coming home and Isla June hearing my voice. She turns towards me and gives me the absolute biggest smile.
  • Isla June falling asleep in my arms making this low humming sound that seems to almost lull her off to dream land.
  • When Isla June is with a playmate (specifically Hayden or Collin), she pulls them towards her, with her mouth open, and attempts to eat them.
  • Every time I hand Isla June her babydoll, she smiles, reaches for it and squeezes it tight.
  • The 5 minutes before bath time when Isla June is in her most silly mood. She laughs, laughs and laughs.
  • At one point, whenever I said zipper, Isla June would crack up. Over and Over again.
  • Sitting with her and watching her discover her cause/effect toys and figuring out how to use them herself!
  • There are times when she looks me square in the eyes, almost like she can see right through me.

It's amazing how one little person can truly steal your heart without ever even trying.

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