Tuesday, February 22, 2011

8 months old

Well, it happened again. Isla June turned 1 month older. 8 months, can you believe it? I mean, I know I say this every month, but it really does fly by. This has to be my favorite stage though. Isla June has grown so much this past month and is doing so much more amazing things! I just love, love to watch her everyday. My sweet, sweet Angel
This time she absolutely insisted on holding the number card. Like looked around for it whenever I would take it away.

Let's just say that this photoshoot was interesting,
and exhausting

But, so much fun. I can't resist that sweet, happy face

Isla June can
  • Finger feed herself- we started giving her these Organic Puffs that my mom found at Harris Teeter. They are a little bit bigger than a Cheerio, and I just wanted to see how she did with them. I figured that I'm certified in infant CPR if anything goes wrong! So, I'm always willing to try new things with her (maybe I'm crazy). But, she did great, and she loves the independence of feeding herself. This is probably her favorite activity of the day, feeding herself puffs. I love watching her, makes me so proud.
  • CRAWL! (as of 2/18/11)- video to come. Both Jer and I were home for this first, which was really special. She had been doing a one-two-face plant kind of crawl, and mostly moving backwards, but now she's really got it. She's not moving too fast yet, and sometimes gets a little tired, but it's a perfect crawl. Can you tell I'm a proud momma?There's a baby gate in my amazon.com cart, just need to hit send. Gonna do that today.
  • Sit herself up unassisted (like go from her tummy to sitting)- She started this about a week and a half ago. It's almost like she needed to learn this skill before she started crawling. She loves to sit up in her crib. Like refuses to sleep because she just wants to sit up and look out from between the bars. It's quite funny, will work on getting a picture of it.
  • Say dada- as much as this should break my heart a little, I love it. Jeremy is so proud and excited when he hears her say dada. I mean, when she calls out dada dada, I can always say, "She's calling for you, honey....." I wouldn't have it any other way. Mama will come soon enough, I'm sure of it.
  • Pull herself up in her crib- other one of her favorite games. We dropped the mattress 2 weeks ago, thank goodness or she would have been jumping out by now.
  • Walk with assistance- Isla June can hold onto your hands and do the whole walking motion across the room. She gets a little tired and can't go for too long, but she loves to play this game.

See? Busy, busy month. She is just the sweetest, happiest baby. I love every second with her that I get. We are so blessed.

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