Monday, February 28, 2011

The good life

Last weekend, Isla June, Jeremy and I traveled to Columbia, SC for the night to celebrate Uncle Joel and Aunt Marina's engagement. I kindof had to explain an engagement party to my father-in-law. Can't blame 'em, those midwesterners.
Anywho, it was a quick trip and like any baby, Isla June did not do what I had planned. Which was a nice long nap on the drive down there so we could attempt to stay up passed our 6:30 bedtime. She managed a 45 min. nap, but once we got to the hotel, she was a grumpy bear, refused to nap and screamed at us. I was afraid that someone was going to alert the hotel staff to a baby being tortured in room 210. So, we got her dressed in her pink tutu and headed off to the party, anticipating the explosion of this ticking time bomb. But, she did pretty good. Not Isla June good, but a typical 8 month old good. She really didn't want anyone to hold her, except for daddy and mommy, but, smartly, she let her Nana hold her for quite sometime. But, I can't blame her- right when we walked up, a youngish girl said, "oh wow, a baby!" and practically took her out of Jeremy's hands. I would scream in your face too.
Mommy was smart and brought the Puffs along. As long as IJJ could eat some puffs, she was a happy girl. And we made it until 8:30-not bad.
It was a tough night in the hotel room as Isla June hates her pack and play mattress, so she spent most of the night in the bed with us. Good thing it was a king. I was too tired to care about bed bugs, sorry.
The next morning, my sweet husband ran downstairs and made me a waffle, my favorite! Right about that time, Isla June started stirring in the bed next to me. I quickly ran to put my contacts in, and when I returned, I found Isla June sitting straight up in the bed enjoying my waffle....Good thing daddy made two.

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