Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Jenks' get sick

Sorry for the blog hiatus friends and family. But momma's been sick, like really sick. Baby was a little sick in that time too, but momma had it badddddd.....
About 2 weeks ago, I woke up to an eye irritation. Looked in the mirror and I had a bright red left eye ball. Yuck. Now, most people would automatically assume pink eye, right? Not me, I knew that this was an eye infection caused by my contacts (I've obviously been to this rodeo before). It seems like every time that life gets completely and utterly overwhelming, I get an eye infection. It hasn't happened in almost 5 years, but here's a little flashback from college(when it happened like 2 or 3 times). Gotta thank good ole' Marano for this one....
Pretty much exactly how it looked 2 weeks ago.
So, I went to the eye doctor (and I had to scramble to find one that took my new insurance), and I found out that I had a corneal hernia or something like that. Could be bad, Dr. admonished me. Great. Then he asked me if I was allergic to anything....hmmmmm. Now is the time to mention breastfeeding, and he heavy sighed at me. I guess even if something is going in your eye, it can affect your breast milk. Great. So, now I have to stop breastfeeding for the next 5 days. Now, I'm sure you don't want to hear all about how I had to drive to 4 different pharmacies to get this prescription filled, or how I had to wait 36 hours to get the prescription filled, or how geeky I look in my glasses...all I have to say is, good thing we have backup. Not fun. Now I know what it was like for those who did formula. Trucking downstairs to make a bottle in the middle of the night. Let's just say Jer was real glad when we could breastfeed again.
But then, baby got a cold. Stuffy, stuffy nose and a yucky cough. Broke my heart to hear it. But, she never had a fever. She took some really good naps and started sleeping through the night, so that's a positive through all of this I guess.
Here's our cold remedies that got us through the week:Colloidal Silver. As recommended by our Holistic Doctor. Do your research on it if you are interested.We did lots and lots of nasal rinses. Yucky, I know, but if you don't get it out, baby can't breath, and it can lead to a sinus infection.
Smells great and Petroleum and Menthol Free. I pretty sure we got it at CVS.

Plus, at night we used a combination of peppermint oil and castor oil to rub on her tummy to help with any belly aches. Jer made quite a few comments about how much stuff I was rubbing on her little body before bedtime. Something along the line of making her combustible....
We also spent the weekend in Chapel Hill at Dr. Bradshaw's Chiropractic Center for Isla June to get an adjustment and for us to sit in the "cryogenic chamber thingy" again to help build some good anitbodies. And it all worked. Isla June kicked her cold and is doing so great, better than great as she is just the happiest baby who sleeps through the night most nights (except for when we're at Mimi's house).
And I know you don't want to hear about my flu. Let's just say sick for 9 days. Never again.

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