Monday, March 28, 2011

Isla June 9 Months

Let me say it one more time, I cannot believe she is 9 months. Now that's out of the way.
So, this month is a little different. No editing, no paring down. Here is our whole 9 month photo shoot for you. I wanted ya'll to experience, in pictures, how crazy these photo shoots are getting. And I was by myself for this one. And I'm not even sure if I got a decent picture.

I'm not really sure why she looks like she is wearing a toupee. Her hair is getting really long though, and starting to curl in the back.
Isla June can expertly crawl and pull up on everything. We've had a few bumps and bruises along the way. She can let go and stand on her own for up to 5 seconds at a time. She almost gives you this looks that says, "You see me?!" She is a great eater and tries everything I give her, she especially loves strawberries and chicken. She wears a size 3 diaper now and 6-12 months clothing. Her legs are so long, I have to buy her some new pants for some of her outfits already! She's sleeping through the night most nights, but has started really fighting naps and going down for bed (like screaming about it). I think we're officially, really entering the separation anxiety phase. She loves to give hugs and kisses- and by kisses I mean slobber all over your face. We are trying to learn not to give the doggies kisses.
She has such a personality and a definite opinion about everything. But, she is still just the sweetest little girl. We love her so much.

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