Monday, March 7, 2011


Isla June went to see Dr. Roxanne a couple of weeks ago, and I totally forgot to blog about it (this was pre-flu, so I kind of forgot...) Anywho, Isla June's sleep was what kind of prompted this visit. She had been up 3-4 times a night around 3 times a week and it was killing us! So, I made an appointment with the good Dr. who specializes in holistic medicine. I was mostly interested in food allergies as we were starting solid food, and the times IJJ was up at night, I just got this feeling like it was her belly hurt. These were more than fussy cries, they were painful ones.
So, I showed up with my arms full baby and all of our supplements. The good Dr. hooked IJJ and I up to her machine, which mostly consisted of us holding onto a metal rod together while the Doc tested the supplements on us. She also tested Isla June's body systems (endocrine, intestines, etc) to make sure they were working efficiently and were healthy.
We discovered that my B vitamins weren't working for me, and that IJJ need more Lactozyme (probiotics). All of our other vitamins, including Isla June's multivitamin were good to go. We also discovered that IJJ and I are lactose intolerant and soy intolerant. I kind of knew about this lactose thing, but now I really had to cut it all out (bye-bye yogurt). Doc said that most people are soy and lactose intolerant, they just don't know it! Good news is Isla June is not allergic to gluten or corn. But, she does have a "sensitivity" to apples. Which does explain some things. So, we increased Isla June's probiotics, cut out all dairy for 2 weeks and all soy permanently. And now we have a sweet, happy angel who sleeps through the night. Seriously, I've never seen her so happy. I think it's because she feels so good and healthy with these changes.
And after said flu, my milk supply dropped drastically. Shocking I know. We had to dip into the freezer. I was getting a little worried that I might have to start researching another option. I guess with loosing 3 lbs and only having the energy to pump twice a day was not so good for milk production. So, on the recommendation of a friend, I started taking the herbal supplements Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle. 2 capsules 3 times a day. It hasn't brought my supply back to where it was, but I'm at least able to still exclusively feed Isla June breastmilk. And now that she's eating more solid food, she doesn't need quite as much milk. Whew! I think we will make it to a year afterall.

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