Saturday, April 9, 2011

How we....

Got Isla June to give up the Paci- Well, Isla June pretty much did this one on her own.  We didn't introduce the paci until she was 3 weeks old, so maybe that helped... Let's just say that she never loved or was obsessed with the paci.  We only used it during nap times and bed times, and Isla June would spit it out immediately after she fell asleep.  So, it was never a crutch (this may have been a good and bad thing as we had to help soothe her in the beginning instead of being soothed by the paci, but I figure it's effort on the front or the back (when you eventually attempt to take it away), so it's going to come from somewhere).  At around 6 months, she was done.  Wouldn't let the paci be in her mouth, and really just used to as a play toy.  So, it was gone.  And that was that.  She's more of a fingers girl anyways, but even that is few and far between, only at sleep times and just for a minute or two.

Got Isla June to give up the swaddle- this was a slow progression, but I'm glad it went when it did.  As you saw in this post, we started with the one arm swaddle.  Then I slowly started to loosen the other side so that her other arm could eventually wiggle out.  Then we moved to the "leg swaddle" where I kept her arms free.  And then we moved away from it all together.  And let me say that I am so glad that we got rid of it when we did.  This was right around the time (5 months) that she became a wiggle worm in her crib and started moving all over rolling and rolling around, lots of gross motor stuff.  It was definitely a progression, but I couldn't have imagined continuing it as she became so active after letting it go.  Maybe it affected our sleep a smidge.  But, it was worth it to see her grow.

Every baby is different, but this is what worked for us.

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