Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Isla June's 9 month Dr. Appt.

Weight 19 pound 3 ounces
Length 28 inches
Head Circumference 19 inches
All in the 50% - 75% range, except for the head....that's in the 90% range. (takes after her daddy).

Isla June spent most of the 5 minutes before the doctor arriving crawling back and forth along the crinkly paper atop the examination table and trying to grab all of the doctors tools (I mean, why do they leave those out???).  Much more interesting this time!

Dr. did a toe prick to check iron levels- look great.  Anything over a 10 is good, and Isla June's was a 13.8 (p.s. we are now taking this vitamin to get some extra iron, so it's working!).  Everything else looked good.  No vaccinations, and Doc said that she seems a little advanced in terms of development, even though I was worried that baby is not saying more than 3 words right now (and only saying mama when you're screaming at the top of your lungs in a hysterical fit does not count in my book.)  But, doc said that she doesn't expect more than 2-3 words by the first birthday, as long as she is consistently babbling. 
We did do a blood test for lead considering that we live in an old house and have been doing some remodeling.  She said that she doesn't suspect any poisoning as IJJ has no symptoms and we have been extra careful, but better to be safe, and I agreed.  But, that's about it.  Good, easy, happy visit.  Oh, and Isla June wasn't fazed at either toe prick (she had to have two), I was more worked up than she was...

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