Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What the....?

Over the past week or so, Isla June has developed her first phobia.  Well, I'm not sure if phobia is the right word; by phobia I'm saying, completely irrational fear, that came out of nowhere, of something that she encounters every day.

Last Friday (like 2 Fridays ago), Isla June pooped in the tub (TMI, I know).  Jer was there with her, I wasn't.  All I know, is from then on, she hates to be in the tub.  Screams and refuses to sit down.  This is in every tub too, not just the duck tub: Mimi's house, Condo tub in Myrtle, Condo sink in Myrtle.  She's gotten to the point where she will just stand there and cry (this is an upgrade from actually trying to climb out of the tub). 
I hate it that this pic is sideways....but, here's hysterical Isla June
But, this past weekend was the ultimate freakout.  The condo in Myrtle Beach has a pool out back.  We can see this pool from our balcony.  Jer and Mitch were throwing the ball to the pool from the balcony while the other person was jumping in the pool(did you get that?? I would draw a pic if I could).  Isla June started getting fussy, so we went inside.
Later, we went down to the pool for lunch (we were grilling out and swimming, at least the guys were).  When Mitch jumped in, Isla June absolutely freaked out.  She hated the pool.  Wouldn't look at it, was hysterical when someone jumped in, crazy fits.  I've never seen her like this.  If she wasn't so worked up and I wasn't so exhausted, it would almost be comical.  But, then my motherly guilt kicked in and I was worried that I was scarring her for life.  I mean, how do you deal with this.  Force her to watch them jump in or just take her out of the situation entirely.  My psychology background was no help to me here. 
Good news is, last nights bath went better, she actually sat in the water.  Jeremy already said that she HAS to get over this.  A fear of water is not allowed in our family (he has Olympic swimming dreams for this child).  Hopefully we will look back on this and laugh.

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