Wednesday, June 1, 2011

11 Months! (took me long enough, right?)

Can you believe it???  I can't.

Isla June walks 3-9 steps.  She's taken more but still teeters.  She's very good at picking up objects off of the floor without falling, and she almost walks better when she has something in her hands.  She loves to dance and will begin to sway back and forth whenever she hears music, even if you are just singing. 
She knows how to make noises with her hand over her mouth kind of like strumming her hand over her lips, does that make sense?  Anways, it's funny.
She loves to play keep away with Beaugart and his toys.  She laughs maniacally about it (think count Dracula).  She LOVES to play peek-a-boo, especially in the car.  She can wave bye and hi.
She can throw and catch a ball.   She eats out of a snack container and uses a sippy cup. 
She knows how to use her new shape sorter  (sorts the shapes and pushes down the release lever) and loves to drag around her click clack crocodile. She points and has started to imitate some words from us.  She signs "more", but it's kind of like a clap.  Oh, and she LOVES to clap.

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