Monday, July 25, 2011

12 and 13 months

Ok, let me start by saying that I totally dropped the ball on the monthly pictures.  Between the end of the school year and Isla June's party, family in town and moving out of state, I just forgot.  And now the fabric and 12 months card are back in High Point and Isla June is 13 months, so I guess the moment is gone. Not gonna worry or beat myself up about it anymore though! 

I guess I really could say what hasn't happened these past 2 months.   Isla June has grown so much!  She can say dada, JeJe, dudu (dog), eys(keys), ish(fish), this, that, hey, shus (shoes) and has said izy (Lizzy).  She signs more, milk and all done.  She attempts the hand motions for Itsy, Bitsy Spider.  She walks great and is attempting to run at times.  She has the silliest personality and loves to laugh.  If Jer and I are talking and laughing, she starts laughing too.  So we laugh more.  It cracks us up.  She is really starting to understand everything now- she takes the dog leashes to the dogs, if she is playing with toilet paper she tries to put it in the toilet, etc.  I know that this sounds trivial, but she is impersonating us, and that's a really great skill. 
She loves books and will sit in her room and look through her books for quite a long time.  And she still loves to dance.  All the time.  Love it.

Isla June's 1st Birthday.  In her bday tutu from Aunt Abby

We did go through a brief fussy, feisty opinionated period when we first moved to Myrtle.
No more broccoli momma!
 but, I think she just needed to adjust.   We are having so much fun.  Everyday.  She is a gift that we cherish.

see? she's hilarious
12 month stats:
Weight: 21.4
Length: 29 inches
Head circumference: 18
everything is in the 50% range.  She's doing great!

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