Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Celebrate good times

On the Saturday after Isla June's official birthday, we had a little party with family and close friends to celebrate her major milestone (and pat us on the back for keeping her alive and thriving for a whole year!)
I wasn't the best with the camera.  And for that, I will probably be forever regretful.  I do not have a picture of the three of us from this day.  I do have tons of random video though.
In my defense, we had the entire party set up outside on the back patio...
and then, it began to pour.  Right at 4 o'clock (aka party time).  I was devastated.  So, the lack of pictures was my flustered state from bringing the entire party inside on a moments notice.  I can't take full credit for that though, while I was upstairs getting Isla June ready, my soon-to-be brother-in-law James brought everything in and set up the kitchen into party mode.  It definitely made me smile.
Gramma Lee had Jeremy's childhood rocker refinished for Isla June
Isla June was most definitely loved on and received many wonderful gifts.  We are beyond blessed.
Checking it out.  Not sure about a ride just yet.
 Jer grilled in the rain, and everyone ate their fill.  It was a wonderful and simple spread.  Isla June and Collin loved playing outside in the rain (we were left with just a drizzle) and in the ice bucket.
"may I get you a drink my pretty lady?"
The two babies were definitely the highlight of the day. 
Having our friends and family around, the people who had been with us while I was pregnant, throwing us showers, and supporting us post birth with meals and cards, was a wonderful part of the day.
And it isn't a birthday without cake!  We decided to do our own cupcakes so I could control what went into them.  Organic ingredients and 1/2 the sugar.  They were delicious. 
Organic Vanilla Cupcakes! 
She doesn't really eat sugar, so I didn't want to get her a cake from the bakery and have her go into a sugar coma.

I put together a little video to chronical Isla June's first year.  We all gathered in the living room to watch it.  So glad I took the time to get this together. 

Isla June birthday from Meagan Jenks on Vimeo.
Train: Hey Soul Sister
 Elizabeth Mitchell: You are My Sunshine
Thanks to everyone who made it out and have supported our family!  We love ya'll (and miss you too.)

Isla June's fist birthday party (in a nutshell)

Isla June 1st birthday party from Meagan Jenks on Vimeo.

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