Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our new life

We're getting settled in here in Myrtle Beach.  Loving the freedom of our days, but also learning to balance and adjust to a new schedule.  Mostly I try to find time to do this as much as possible:

Jeremy has outifitted his bike (and actually gets two days off a week!) so we try to head out on family bike rides as much as possible.  This is probably one of the cutest things EVER.  And Isla June seems to really enjoy it.

 Isla June has officially gotten over her fear of water.  We have a favorite pool that we frequent with fountains, waterfalls and zero entry that we just love.  She's gotten so adventuous that if I'm not looking she'll walk right off the sidewalk in to the pool! kerplunk.  gotta keep an eye on that girl.

Blogger is having a difficult time formatting (or maybe it's me).  Sorry the pics are all over the place.

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