Monday, August 22, 2011

The Cottage and Cousins take 1

The beginning of August, Jer, Isla June, Bixby (the dog) and I traveled up to Ohio to spend a week with Jer's family.  9 cousins, 14 aunts/uncles when you include all of the inlaws. Crazy stuff (see family photo here). 
So, anywho, this is the family cottage that we stayed in. Big family tradition for Jer and his siblings. They have been coming here since they were little and I think the same is for his dad. This little cottage has been in their family for a looooong time. It's cute, rustic and stocked full of great memories.
Lake Erie
Beautiful view.  I loved waking up to this every morning and watching the sunset every night.
Sweet cousin "twins"

Isla June and cousin Sara Jane (who's 1 months younger) had such a good time playing in the sand together (in the same bathing suits! not on purpose).  Sara even started to say "I-la" while we were there.  too cute.

I love that face. 
Playing in the ice cooler was second to the sand. 
8 of the 9 cousins (Sara Jane was napping).  Isla June did not like her cousins holding her for pictures.  oh well, could have been cute.
Isla June INSISTED on sitting in a beach chair.  And even if I got her her own beach chair, she would crawl into mine.  That girl....
We had to use the cloth/reusable swim diapers because Isla June got such bad diaper rash on the first day from the disposable huggies swim diapers.  I only got peed on once. yay.

Cousin Aidan was SO good with Isla June.  Patient, kept an eye on her, listened  (and was ok with it) when I told him we had to be quiet because she was sleeping.  I can totally see him being an older brother figure to her.
Isla June had such a good time with all of her cousins.  She would huuuuug Molly and Annalise every morning.  It was too wonderful. 
 I will say, by the end of the week, 7 (and sometimes 9) children running around was a bit crazy!  Made me appreciate just having 1 for right now.  But all of the craziness was totally worth it.  Living so far away from everyone, Jer and I sometimes worry that our nieces and nephews forget who we are.  Trips like this are a great way to reconnect and remember the bond that we all will always have with one another.
More to come!

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