Tuesday, September 13, 2011

a day in the life

Here's a typical Isla June day*
7:00 -7:30 am- Breakfast
 also known as cover myself in berries, jam and peanut butter.  Then yell at my momma when she tries to unstick my hair. 
We typically watch our baby can read video here.  Keeps her happy and entertained while I get Jer out the door for work and the dogs fed.
around 8:30 or 9:00
Head out for a run...gotta help momma with her training!
Momma ran me to the park! 
 I love to swing! 
 I love to go up and down the stairs!
I love to pick up cigarette butts! 
too bad momma won't let me....
Please and thank you. 
 I can finally pee in peace and attempt to make dinner.  Here is where I'm also trying to shower, eat lunch, pay bills, send thank-yous, return calls etc. and do some laundry.  If I have time, I'll attempt to blog. 
Sometimes it all happens, sometimes it doesn't.

Less messy.

run errands
or go to the beach

or go swimming at the pool

or go to the boardwalk and ride the carousel. 

 You never know.

4:30 to 5:30
play inside while momma makes dinner

5:30 to 6:30
Daddy's home!  Yay!
Dinner time!

6:30 to 7:00


*is it terrible to say that I am  slightly (ok, maybe more like totally) jealous of my daughter's childhood???


  1. The never-ending grind. I can especially identify with all the things you try to accomplish during nap time--if only it lasted an entire afternoon once and awhile! ;)

  2. Yes! Sometimes I feel like a bad momma because I am counting down the minutes until nap time. And if it only lasts an hour, so dissapointing! I think SAHM moms can relate to the fact that nap time is our only break in the day. It's definitely a give and take.

  3. Your childhood - at IJJ's age - was much the same, except Sissy Lizzy was there too. You too were an active little girl!!! And so much fun!


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