Friday, September 16, 2011

Did that really just happen?

Isla June is learning and growing everyday.  So much, that I can't keep up.  Sometimes I really do underestimate her.  Gotta stay on my toes.
After lunch and Isla June's nap, I thought we should head out to the park before dinner.  I heard that the weather might get cooler and I wanted us to enjoy one more warm night at the park. 
Of course, leaving the house means packing up the diaper bag.  Diapers, wipes, change of clothes, toys, water for her, water for me, shoes, sunhat, keys... you get the idea.  Ready to go (finally!) I realized that I was missing my cell phone.  I checked all of the regular locations for it. Nothing.  Remembering that Isla June had grabbed it earlier, I began looking through her toy bins, under blankets and pillows and though the drawers (she's really into hiding things lately.  The T.V. remote was MIA for 5 days once).  In my search, I was talking outloud, I'm looking for my cellphone, Isla June.  Where's mommy's cell phone?  Where did you hide my phone?  Of course, during this time she is continuing to run around the condo, chase the dogs and throw books.  Yeah, not much help I thought.
After giving up my search, I started to grab our bag and head to the door.  Isla June, let's go.  did you find my phone?(I said this with a bit of sarcasm).  When I turned around, sweet girl came running out of my room holding my purple cell phone high in the air, handing it towards me. 
Stunned.  Absolutely stunned.  When did this happen?  And what else does she understand??


  1. Isla June understands alot more than you would believe, just like her Mom & Aunt Liz, the process of discovery is just beginning (well I noticed it months ago) she is amazing and will continue to amaze you

  2. Abraham can't find my missing phone yet, but he understands words about the things we do daily - nurse, eat, bath, diaper, outside...Babies are amazing, especially our own!

  3. Yes, they are amazing! i feel like one day I woke up and she was this little person! It creates for very exciting days.


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