Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Feeling nostalgic....

In attempting to update the blog header (did you notice)...I realized that the only professional portraits I have of the 3 of us (Jer,IJJ, me) are from way back when she was 6 weeks old.  Which made me think that I need to get on the ball with new pics!  But, it also made me realize that I never really shared these wonderful photos with you. 
Stephen Thrift, an incredible photographer in High Point, came to our house and spent most of the morning with us capturing these wonderful memories.  
I really can't believe she was that little....

sometimes I really do miss this....

I love that these pictures were taken in our house.
 We loved that place, and it was the perfect backdrop to commemorate our growing family.

love this one.

That's my grandmother's antique vanity.  I love that he got this perspective.

another favorite.  That sweet little face.

There are even more that I love, but I thought that I would hold back!  He really did such a great job; I am so grateful for the gift of these memories.  It goes way too fast.

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