Monday, September 19, 2011

A Few Changes

Keeping up with the Jenks' has undergone a bit of a face lift over the past week!  You may (or may not) have noticed the new picture header and layout, some new blogs added to my blog list, and some missing pictures.....
But, what I'm most excited about are the new tabs or "pages" as blogger calls them!
  1. About- a brief overview of the history of this blog and the Jenks family with a bit of a family philosophy intertwined.  Essentially, who we are and why we have this here blog.
  2. Organic/Natural Archives- so many people have asked me for specific blog pages addressing certain organic and natural topics that have been discussed over the past year and a half.  Well, now this page should be a quick reference guide to these specific posts.  More will be added as we continue to share our holistic and natural lifestyle.
  3. Isla June's First Year- Just because we are on our second year, I didn't want to get rid of these wonderful pictures!  Plus, so many people have commented on the fact that they are going to start this tradition for their unborn, so I wanted it to continue to be a part of the blog.
  4. How to Cook, if you Don't know How!- This series is going to start soon!  As I am new to the cooking phenomenon, I want to share my experience and give other the opportunity to cook healthy, fresh, wholesome food for the family without killing yourself!  I will break it down into very manageable steps, promise.
So, that's it.  For right now.  What I'm hoping for, is that this little outlet will be able to become a resource for other parents out there.  If there's something you want to see, or that you think I've forgotten, please, let me know!  I have to say, I'm quite excited for what's to come!

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