Monday, September 12, 2011

a little something

Being at home all day.....has it's challenges.  And being in a small 2 bedroom condo adds to that.  Yes, I have the beach and a pool a mere 20 steps away.  But, sometimes that isn't an option- especially on rainy days.  So, I did a little trolling on craigslist and found this baby.  For 40 bucks.
not bad right?  It's not in perfect shape, there is a little fading, but brand new it costs almost 120 bucks.  yikes.  Plus, I'm kind of into buying reused and repurposing.  Gotta save the planet, right? 
Anywho, Isla June loves it.  When it was delivered she and the twin boys next door took it our for a test drive.  They showed her how to climb up the ladder and go down the slide, and as of Friday, she can do this completely independently.  Such a big girl.  It breaks my heart a little, but I'm more excited that she can do things by herself.  I guess it is the teacher in me.  Gotta let her fly. 
Oh- and we learned to say "all done".  She can sign this, but whenever she wants out of the swing she opens her mouth really wide and goes "ahhhhhhhhh" and then I say done and she says "duh".  So wonderful.  Who woulda thought a swing set could increase her language skills.

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