Friday, October 7, 2011

15 Months

This one got away from me....

ha ha ha.  I am so funny
Isla June can assist with dressing herself and walk up and down the stairs with independence
(although we have had 1 bad tumble).
no more pictures, please!
She loves to talk and will jabber, jabber, jabber.  Says things such as: dada, shus (shoes), dohg dohg (dog), sisseee, hiiee, baba (mama), bibi (mimi), booboo, dis(this), dat(that) and Iya (these are the consistent, every day words).  She has strung together 2 words (hi dada).  And she is getting much better at mimicking words from us such as attempting to say hot or up (we definitely need to watch our language).
She signs: more, all done (quite dramatically), dog, milk, eat, help and please.  We're working on poop.

She's got 7 teeth and is working on more (hence all the drool).
She is the funniest little person (makes us laugh all day) and has the sweetest little smile.
I still love books!
Books are still her favorite toy, especially ones with flaps and ones about babies.  She's started to come over to sit in my lap to read.  She loves to look at books independently though.
oh my gawh, do you know what that says!
She is really into climbing right now and tries to climb on everything.  She can now reach things on our dining room table (yikes).
I'm a big girl, I can climb up in the chair by myself.
If Isla June watches me do something, then she can do it.  Such as take the toilet paper holder down, flush the toilet (is this TMI?), push the buttons for the elevator, turn on/off the television (on the tv or using the remote), clean our ears with a q-tip (yea...yikes) or turn off the computer monitor.
She has started to be a little shy with strangers and has stopped saying hi or waving. 
Now, she tries to hid in my legs.  But, once they leave ( because it is awkward to just stand there  next to to someone you don't know), then she chases after them yelling, "ababababdadddydaddadada" at pretty much the top of her lungs.
Her hair is getting really long, especially in the front; I think it might have to trim it soon (tear...).
 Don't let these pictures fool you, barrettes are not allowed.
Isla June is independent, smart, funny and so happy.  She knows what she wants and treats the world like her oyster.  It's hard not to smile when she's around.
lovin' on the lovey
see how far we've come in a month


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