Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Day at the Farm

Last Saturday, Isla June and I headed out to a local Farm for their Fall Festival.
It was much busier than I anticipated!!  Lots and lots of families and kids.  Jer was at work, so it was just us two ladies.
We headed over to the animal area, where we stumbled upon the biggest pig I have ever seen. 
and he smelled pretty bad too. 
We're working on the sign for pig.  Saying "oink" isn't happening just yet.
see?  huge.
Isla June loved the horses and she really wanted to touch them.  She has no's a little disconcerting at times.
She attempted to pull up some grass to give them....I discouraged this.
The geese were a little too far away to catch our interest....
But everyone told us how cute we looked in our farm gear.
Hat: Gift from Nana
Shirt: Baby Gap (Gift from Aunt T)
Pants: Baby Gap Skinny Jeans
Shoes: Hide and Squeak (gift from Jeje)
They had these big boxes set up with little doors for the kids to crawl into (kind of a tetanus shot waiting to happen).  and Isla June headed right in. 
 Like I said, fearless.  But, then she couldn't get back out as easily and really didn't like that.

She really liked the chickens and even attempted to say the word. 
I attempted to take her on a pony ride, but IJJ wouldn't wait in the line. 
After an hour, we were both pretty tired from all the walking around the farm.
Looking forward to going back on a quieter day with the whole family!


  1. She's adorable! I saw a comment you left on Young House Love - I've been called "Jenks" or "Jenksy" for most of my life (last name Jenkins), so I had to stop by and see your blog!! It looks like Isla June is just 3 months older than our Zoom (that's his nickname). So nice to have found you!
    Hugs - another "Jenks"

  2. My husband is still called "Jenks" and "Jenksy"- I've been able to avoid the nickname thus far! I love that you call your son Zoom- Thanks for stopping by!


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