Tuesday, November 8, 2011

16 Months!

I've been putting off writing this post because it seems like Isla June is doing something new everyday. 
Her language has totally taken off!  Lots and lots of talking.  She has gotten so good at labeling/naming things for us, and if she doesn't know what it is, she kind of looks at us for the word, and after we say it, she attempts to repeat it.  I couldn't be more thrilled. 

words she says
Bibi (mimi)
Dogh-doh (dog)
Cah (cat)
Sissee (our dog)
BooBoo (our other dog)
Hoh (hot)- and she says this at the appropriate times
Shoos (shoes)
mama(but it is definitely less heard)
hah (hat)
happeeee (happy)- this is our new favorite word
uhoh- our next favorite word
douh douh (go, go)
hiye (hi)
apppeey (apples)
Iiiiyah (Isla)
she has said "poop" appropriately
sit (she loves saying this to the dogs)
 (and yes, sometimes it sounds like a word we don't want her to say)

and can I say that she has the sweetest little voice.  I love hearing her talk.
She's also really gotten into her signing, and does it all the time.
She signs:
more (this is kind of used for whenever she wants anything. points and signs more)
all done
thank you
She also signs blue when I read one particular book that has a blue page.
and we've really gotten better (again) at our waving- although she sometimes just waves when she wants people to leave.

the sweetest and cutest little puppy I know
Her receptive language is phenomenal.  She understands pretty much everything that we say.  Sometimes it makes things easier, but sometimes, we have to really watch what comes out of our mouths!
This month especially, she has really gotten into reading.
It's her absolute favorite thing to do.
Right now she can read 6 words (by saying the words)
and by showing an action she reads 5 words
ears (probably her favorite to show right now)

She also loves to do the" head, shoulder, knees and toes" song with the motions and the motions for "if you're happy and you know it".
Her favorite book right now is called "Baby Talk" and she reads it!! it has simple phrases such as
"Go baby Go! Go, Go" and I read the first part and then she says "go,go". And even when she reads it by herself, she will turn to the page and say, "go go" or "uhoh" or pretend to play peekaboo- whatever the babies on the page are doing.
I'm just so proud of her and I hope that this love for learning and reading continues.
I can't believe how much she has grown in one month!  She is just getting so big.  It is true that the days can be long, but the months and years are so short. 
love her.
P.S.  I forgot to add that she has 12 teeth.  yes, I said 12!


  1. Did the Baby Talk book used to be ours? Because my kids both loved that book too and did the motions like the babies in the pictures. I can't remember if I gave it to you or not.

    I show Annalise pictures of Isla June all the time and she always says, "Ahhhhhhh, she's so cute". She's fascinated that Isla June can sign things. She thinks that's really neat.

    No offense to Isla June, but I think Uncle Jeremy will always come first as far as Aidan's concerned, no matter how cute she is!

  2. Yes! Baby talk came from you!! (as did 1/3 of her library!) She absolutely loves that book and it has been to the "book hospital" a few times.
    I totally understand Aidan's preference of Uncle Jeremy- no hurt feelings here- they have such a special bond.


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