Friday, November 18, 2011

Full Circle

Back in 2006, Jeremy bought me what's now come to be known as, the worst Valentine's present ever. Also known as, The Singing Frog.
It's one of those awful, cheesy things you can get from your local CVS at the last minute when you've forgotten that it's a national holiday and if you come home empty handed your dead, gifts.
But, fortunately for me (I think??) my husband didn't forget it was a required holiday, he chose to just ruin it instead.  Because he was about to propose (uuber romantically) 2 weeks later.  And he thought it would be funny to throw me off track with this terrible thing.
So, it kind of has special meaning for us,  But, it is also so, so terrible.  It's just been sitting in a closet for years.  I guess I couldn't get rid of it.
And good thing. 
Because Isla June was looking for a new BFF.

and she found one.  Now they are inseparable (like any best friends would be).  She carries him everywhere, and has even learned how to push his hand so he will sing. 
And then...she dances.  and smiles. 
see? best friends.

He's yet to accompany her on an outing.  But, the neighbors have heard him singing from the balcony.   I'm sure they are wondering.

It's funny to me, how much she loves that little frog that (kind of) started this whole roller coaster ride.  Maybe, deep down, she knows what he means to us.
or she just likes his singing.*

*his one and only tune, Achy Breaky Heart.  ahhhh. love.

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