Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Going Home

A couple of weekends ago, I traveled down to Tallahassee, Florida to visit my Almamater and a few good  great friends.
It had been over 2 years since I had been back, and last time I was with child, so it was a whole different experience all together.
I couldn't wait to see good ole' Doak Campbell. 
I had no idea how amazing it was to have FREE tickets to every game when I was in college.
We went to the Pi house that morning for brunch.  Boy, did I feel like an old lady. 
You know, that random alumni who comes into the house and gets all misty eyed and nostalgic.
Yep, that was me. 
Momma Griggs (our house mother) was there, said hello and didn't even charge us for the food!

I have the most incredible memories of this place.  I guess it holds an extra special place in my heart because it's where Jeremy and I fell in love.
Well, kind of.
See that white rocking chair?? 
 I sat there every night, for 2 months on the phone with my (soon to be) husband until the wee hours of the morning.  Talking about our lives, our families, our goals, our dreams.

Living down the hall from all my best friends was the most special time in my life. 
If I could go back for just one day.  I know I enjoyed it then, but I really had no idea how special it was.  until it was over.  Such is life.
Seeing the house was the most perfect way to start our day.

And then, we headed on over to our tailgate.  Hosted by the most wonderful couple.
Elizabeth and Blair, with sweet baby B
Blair and his friends throw the most amazing tailgates full of good food, fun friends, tons of beer and little bit of crazy mixed in. (on a side note- I did not participate in the crazy)

And like any good tailgate- you've got the perfect seat on the back of a truck.

And for being old ladies, we've still got a little party left in us.

The game was perfect (at least for me- I was in the stadium, so that made it perfect)
In honor of Veteran's day, they had 2 service men parachute into the stadium

I have to say, it was pretty cool.

they landed right on the field.

Such a good weekend with wonderful people.  I wish I could be down there more often,
But, I relish the times that I do get to spend in one of my favorite places.

Thanks for hosting me, Elizabeth and Blair!
Until the next time...

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  1. I am a little behind on my blog stalking... but as promised - a comment! Loved having you - miss you tons and can't wait until our next visit. Thanks for making the trip down, you are always welcome. Send lots of love and kisses to sweet IJJ. And Jeremy too! : )


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